Robin Gnista doesn't talk much, but then again, the most prolific artists have never really relied on speech. 

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Why should you give up the “break” part of “cigarette break” just because you gave up the “cigarette” part? 

And though you might be totally up for making the next cocktail party with your friends a bit more interesting, you’re not about to relive your frat row days and set up a beer pong table. So, we rounded up five very-adult and very-interesting games to play next time your rounds with buds could use some spicing up.

Tried-and-true men's luxury footwear brand The Generic Man has definitely got a case of spring fever. 

When NYC social-marketplace startup The Cools partnered with makeup-maven Bobbi Brown to make a hot-pink skateboard, we got a severe case of the gimmies. 

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Oh great. It’s a new year. A time when we humans have decided to thrust a stake in the ground and declare the many ways we shall improve in our  very core humanness in the year to come. No pressure or anything.

Tune up your inner Rosetta Stone, because if you want to fit in with these groups you better talk the talk, tweet the tweet and feel the burn. 


Much like Christian to Ana, your confidence had been waning when that credit card reared its gaudy head into your life. It was flashy and adult, and you were vulnerable, intrigued by this mysterious piece of plastic and the unfettered feeling of spending on borrowed cash.